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Since you came here, you might realize by now how challenging it is nowadays to improve or maintain your health.

Healthy nutrition, raw food, good water, vitamins, supplements, healthy air, grounding, sports, meditation, detoxification of the body, building a strong build a strong immune system, etc…

Yet, despite your best efforts it seems to be a losing battle.

Why is it so difficult to improve one's health these days?

The short answer…
Due to the ever-increasing pathogenic radiation we are exposed to. Wi-Fi, 5G, radioactivity, infrasound (wind turbines), scalar waves, microwaves, smart meters, airport body scanners,…

Why is Radiation of all kinds so detrimental to any living organism?

Hexagonally Structured water is the building block of all life.

And since water molecules are dipoles, meaning they have a positive and negative pole like a magnet, they oscillate back and forth in an alternating magnetic field.

The higher the frequency, the faster they oscillate, breaking the hexagonal water structures… killing life.

Radiation, such as for example the 5G networks, destroys any hexagonal water structures and thus drastically reduce the amount of free electrons in your body and thus robs you of your lifeforce and health.


To further illustrate this…

This is exactly the same principle of how a microwave works.

A microwave creates heat, by vibrating the water molecules in the food rapidly. Rapidly vibrating the water molecules creates friction (heat), but also kills all life within the food in the process.


Try growing a chick out of an egg , after you put that egg in the microwave for 30 seconds…


Realizing this, it is obvious that protection from pathogenic radiation should always be considered first nowadays, if you want to improve or protect your health and well-being.

The Cosmic Tower

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An Optimal Solution for Neutralizing Radiation of All Kinds and Much More...

The Cosmic Tower is a device that works, without the need for an external power supply.

It builds up its own torus field and in doing so is continuously generating pure lifeforce energy, benefiting any living organism in its field.

On the one hand, it  increases the body’s own production of electrons” aka lifeforce.

But more importantly, it prevents (in case of bigger devices completely) the destruction of the hexagonal water water structures of our body by the ever-increasing omni-present pathogenic radiation!

With this single device, which contains all the necessary functions, an amazing increase of the vital energy, the self-healing powers and the and the immune system is possible.



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“As long as man lives, he can be healed indefinitely"

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