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We continuously receive new amazing reviews and testimonials from Cosmic Tower Owners in the USA.


Cosmic Tower Testimonial & Measurements
By a Professional Dowser

What follows is a valuable report by Peter Vertens, a professional dowser, explaining how he as a “dowser” works with his Cosmic Tower and his results so far.
He measured his surroundings before and after the arrival of his CT75 and then his CT220. So far he has conducted measurements up to 26 km away from his CT. He consistently measured an increase in Bovis Units (BE), which means the lifeforce energy in the area has increased. The measurements are in his report.


In this report he also explains:
– How he could no longer find any negative effects from Cell Phone Towers in his area, including 5G, after deploying his CT220.
– How the CT neutralized the harmful effects of wind turbines.
– How he instructed his CT220 to resolve the radioactive radiation problem at three retired nuclear power plants. After three days it was done.
– How he has customers who live outside the specified effective range of his CT, but he effectively helps them by asking his CT to cooperate with the Cosmic Tower network.


You can find the translation below, the Original Report in German here and a pdf of the English translation here.

Radiesthetic Measurements on and with the CT 75 and CT 220


I am a life energy consultant for radiesthesia, or more simply: a dowser.
The main focus of my work is the investigation of sleeping spaces (bedrooms).
During the last few years, besides the traditional geobiological stress caused by water veins, grid intersections, fault lines, etc… the electrobiological loads from electric and electromagnetic fields have emerged as the main source of pollution in sleeping places.
At this point probably everyone thinks of their smartphone, router or the cell phone tower not far from their home.
These loads are what we are talking about here.



Measurement Methods

As an engineer, for years, it was difficult for me to accept anything other than physical measuring devices.
But why is there no meter for water veins, fractures, grid crossings, ley lines, etc.?
Why does a rod, pendulum or tensor move?


Was Goethe right when he wrote:

“Insofar as he makes use of his healthy senses, man himself is the best and most exact scientific instrument possible. The greatest misfortune of modern physics is that its experiments have been set apart from man, as it were, physics refuses to recognize nature in anything not shown by artificial instruments, and even uses this as a measure of its accomplishments.”


I accepted this, but the big aha moment came only in 2010, after studying Rainer Gebbensleben’s book “The Sixth Sense and its Phenomena.” He describes all these vibrations as “hypersound” (HS). He has researched what sensors we use to capture the HS, how we process them, where they are stored in the body, how they can be harmful to our health or how they can even be amplified to bend spoons.

At you can find his research presented in an understandable way.



We dowsers like to use the Bovis scale to measure the lifeforce energy of an area, location, person or food. Bovis Units (BE) can be defined as lifeforce energy or wavelength. Gebbensleben’s Hypersonic Scale is proportional to the Bovis scale: a low Bovis value (BE) corresponds to a high hypersonic (HS) value. 

In the biological measurement technology for buildings, many measurements in the low-frequency and high-frequency ranges are classified as anomalies, ranging from none to extreme.



Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Considering these biological measurements of buildings, their critical values or minimal limits for safety, basically everyone should be seriously ill when using cell phones, wireless phones or WLAN routers.
Well, many people don’t do very well with it.
And how does your body react to LED, screen or TV light?
The measurement literature is silent on this topic.

About 20 years ago, we started investigating these phenomena from a dowser’s point of view.
There were special gemstones, polarized stones, informed sands, etc. There were the first stickers with counter vibrations on a magnetic basis. Then there were a lot of people producing harmonically informed stickers through the power of their own minds. In our cooperation with aura measurements and kinesiological tests, we were able to verify this (beneficial effects) time and again. Even for houses there were now systems for harmonizing electro- and geobiological loads. The problem with cell phone towers and wind turbines contaminating entire areas remained.

Then the good news came to me from several different directions in a very short time during the summer. For example, the interviews of Harald Thiers on and some acquaintances who already had CTs from 15 – 75 cm. The research spirit of the old experimental engineer within me was immediately reawakened and I began my research into the field of CTs. They kept their promise: no electro- and geobiological load was detectable in the given radii.

Our Towers

The decision was then quickly made, we needed a CT 75, especially since at that time we could only imagine what powers were still dormant in it.
About a week before and after receiving our CT, I took Bovis and Hypersonic measurements in a 500-meter radius around our house. The results were as expected.

My intuition told me that I could also use the CT as a radionic device. I just put a picture of a sick person on it, add the wish to get better and ask the CT to solve the problem (with results) better than I can ever imagine. Usually, the phone rings the very next day.
As the “C-hysteria” progressed, the desire to harmonize much more than just electro-smog grew rapidly. We live near Kiel, where there is still a lot of dark energy from the time of the two world wars. We agree with Harald Thiers’ explanation, in the Cosmic Chats, that the big towers have an effect up to the highest dimensions.

In mid-December, a CT 220 arrived. I can still see the shocked looks of the ladies from Austria who delivered it. The tower would not fit in a niche in the hallway, not a chance! They then found a place in the house where it is located currently and develops its field – logical! A week before and now at the end of the year I took some measurements in a radius of up to 26 km. In the spring I will do measurements further out.

My special thanks to Harald Thiers and all his colleagues who brought this project to life and initiated it. And of course, to all of you who already have a tower and have bought a large model, but not out of self-interest or self-importance.

Cosmic Tower Measurements

Cosmic Tower Measurements Bovis Hypersound Dowser Peter Vertens

And what happened next?

Meanwhile, at many cell phone towers in Schleswig-Holstein, I took out my dowsing rod and measured. Hypersonic – none left, nothing measurable. Not even where clearly 5G antennas had been installed.

Wind energy
In wind farms, neither hypersonic noise from electromagnetic fields nor infrasound from wind turbulence can be measured, although the sounds are still audible.

Nuclear power plants
In the past few years, there have been repeated newspaper reports about significantly increased cases of cancer in the vicinity of the three nuclear power plants on the Elbe. (official) Studies have shown that radioactivity cannot be the cause because it is not measurable or it is within (safe) “limit values”!
I have measured the nuclear power plants in Brokdorf, Geesthacht and Grohnde in recent years, quickly got back into the car and drove away. The hyper noise of radioactivity can be measured over a wide area and is also carried far into the country via the power lines.
The reactors have been shut down, but the vibrations are still there. The fuel (rods) elements are also still stored there.
I asked our CT to harmonize everything in this area. Everything was resolved in only 3 days. Wow, how powerful!

Remote Influencing
I have customers who live outside the specified effective radius of the CT. Be it Munich, Amsterdam or central Germany. I view the energy of the houses via Google Maps, formulate my wishes and prayers on behalf of the client or the house to the Cosmic Tower – at the latest after two days I get positive feedback. There is no such thing as too far away. I ask our CT to cooperate with the Cosmic Tower network.



Peter Vertens    
Schulstraße 9
24250 Löptin

Reviews and Testimonials From Cosmic Tower Customers


We received a cosmic tower 35 about six weeks ago. These are my observations and experiences so far:
I attempted to connect with the tower before it’s arrival. While I recently found my way back to spirituality, I was closed off for nearly two decades. So, I wasn’t expecting direct communication. However, on two separate occasions our tower “spoke” to me through meditation. I immediately knew this was the tower because I had no similar prior experiences to compare it to.
In the days following the tower’s arrival my dreams changed in frequency and intensity. I was having several, vivid and often scary dreams each night. I did not experience a sense of calm, but rather a ramping up of energy in my home. The sense I get is that the tower is encouraging a clearing or cleansing of what doesn’t serve us and pushing us towards what does.
My youngest daughter was diagnosed with autoimmune diabetes a little over a year ago. She’s the reason we brought the tower here. I told her that she could ask the tower for help with whatever she’d like and she responded by asking for our mulberry tree to fruit. Two days later, after eight months of no new growth, the tree began to grow and produce fruit. Then, she started dreaming of golden princesses and “portals.” This word was previously not part of her vocabulary. I consistently ask the tower to assist me in providing her with whatever she may need to heal. In the last six weeks there have been three week-long stretches where she required zero insulin and had normal glucose readings. My intuition regarding supportive strategies is also amplified. I just “know” what she needs and how best to apply it. My anxiety regarding her health has lifted as the tower has directed me to “Allow.”
If we didn’t live in a congested city, I feel we would be seeing consistent results. Our living environment really requires a larger tower as we have neighbors just a couple hundred feet away in every direction as far as the eye can see. My hope is that we’ll be able to add a 75 in the near future.
Another interesting anecdote; the ice in our freezer started to form perfect ferns.
I’m inclined towards skepticism. Probably why I began looking into alternative healing modalities after my daughter’s diagnosis, but I never thought I’d end up in this realm. I genuinely believe that this technology has created an energetically healing environment around my home and connected us to the source of that energy. I feel immensely grateful.

Donald Barth

Best sleep I've had in years

Since my Cosmic Tower arrived, I have slept as profoundly as I can remember and even slept for 9 hours straight. My breathing is deeper. I feel more in tune with higher knowing and am making better choices. There is a newfound harmony in my home and even with my neighbors. I’m so appreciative this technology now exists in North America.


Sacred Space

Sacred is the best way I can describe the feeling in and around my house now that the CT 75 graces us with its presence. At first, I was going to say my tower in the last sentence, but I knew that was wrong. I cannot own this tower no more than I could own another human being. It is a very special guest in our house that is gracing us with a pure energy of love and support. I had heard that one may get an idea for a name for the tower. I tend not to name things but as soon as I set it up and put my attention on it I heard “Christopher”. It dawned on me that the name had the word Christ in it. I am not a Christian per say but think of myself as a spiritual seeker. However, I looked up the meaning of the name and found it so perfect. Its meaning is to “bear or carry Christ”. This very special sacred energy was being brought into our home. For that I am eternally grateful.


A few years ago, I had to opportunity to train in BioGeometry by Dr. Ibrahim Karim. Dr. Karim as done extensive research on sacred spaces and the energy coming from those places. He found that all sacred spaces have three energy frequencies in common. He called them BG3. He created a specific pendulum for measuring those frequencies. Soon after my tower arrived, I tested for BG3 in my house. The pendulum spun like it was on fire just like some other sacred spaces I have been. My life will never be the same now that it is in the presence of this energy. I encourage anyone who is thinking about getting a tower to do so or at least to spend some time near one.


After 3 weeks of receiving my CT-75

My CT-75, I call Grace, arrived about 3 weeks ago. It was like receiving a newborn. I had prepared the perfect spot for its arrival. I felt pleasant tingles in my hands as I unwrapped it and set it upright in its “throne”. Grace feels sublime—emanates a holy presence.


I feel great promise and possibility as we get acquainted. It doesn’t mean everything got suddenly rosy. Life still happens with all its whirlwinds. In fact, it seems a bit more amped up since the big arrival. Yet, despite the intensity I’ve noticed an enduring peace and calm inside that is proving itself as the days progress.


This state is most noticeable in my social interactions, my teaching, and dealing with the IRS. Lol. A love, a relaxed, gentle, clarity of mind. A patience. A dissolution of anxiety tendencies. No push. rather a flow.


These psycho-spiritual aspects of living are stepping more into the limelight of my journey now, in cadence with my qigong practice. I dare say my qigong has risen an octave. My mind can relax and focus better.


For the first time in 15 years, I just discovered I can stand barefoot into the high desert sand and perform qigong without my orthotic shoes, which I had relied upon to stand and walk for so many years. Soon after my purchase of the CT-75, I was led to a terahertz frequency device that has helped me heal ligament and tendon damage from chronic Lyme Disease. I began to hike for the first time in many years. Now I stand barefoot! The synchronicity of it all. Wow.


So, on a physical level I am aware of the water and food tasting better. More of a sparkle to it, a sweetness. Shortly after the CT arrived, the flow in the outdoor water system that was compromised by coughing up air pockets, totally smoothed out and began to flow normally, as it should. Coincidence?


Also, I am enjoying sleep more, not that I had an issue before. But it feels more delicious, and I spend more time waking up slowly and in a savoring way is the best way to describe it. My body is feeling happy and unhurried, and I feel more present.

I am most grateful to Harald Theirs and fellow guides for this magnificent creation. Brilliant spiritual technology that knows no bounds. Also, heartfelt appreciation and applause goes to the vision and action of Patrick, along with Nico, Jen, and the gang for initiating this epic roll out in America. And I thank my True Self for receiving the gift of Grace.

Zayne Marston

My experience with our tower:

I believe perhaps the spirit/energy of the tower introduced itself to me one morning when I was woken up and felt a warm presence curl up with me while in bed. This was before I knew anything about the the cosmic tower.

1st encounter with the tower:

Tingling in hands and top of head

Lots of emotional release during a salt bath

2nd encounter at farm:

Lots of rest and calm

Next encounter with 1 large tower and 1 small tower that came to my house:

My experience:

Continued feeling/sensation of tingling.

Encounters with family were very harmonious (which is significant as we have been grieving the physical death of my son who lived with us)

Slept much more deeply and waking up energized

We were passing around an illness, however I never lost so much energy that I couldn’t work and function

A story I’m writing came together with themes, character development and structural definitions (which I was struggling to know for a few years).

I have experienced a sense of calm (able to keep my big mouth shut) and allow our family relationships to unfold naturally without a bunch of language/explanation.

I also didn’t crave any animal protein for about a week and have been craving healthier foods. I stopped drinking coffee for two weeks and had no withdrawal symptoms.

I also kept checking our tap water (which is very chlorinated) so much so it would make my eyes water when I would smell it. After about 10 days, the water had about 1/2 the smell and taste of chlorine. Now, another week later, the smell is gone but there is still an aftertaste to the water. Our bottled water does taste wetter or more viscous, similar to the water I’ve tasted from the aqua energizer.

As a result of the change in our tap water all of our hair looks amazing!

I am very excited to start our garden to see what’s going to happen with the soil and plants.

My cat who lost function of her back legs a few weeks prior, regained function of her legs and is able move around much better

My youngest daughter who wouldn’t smile or allow me to touch her has opened up, lets me kiss her again and the twinkle has come back into her eyes. She has also shared that her sleep is much better and she is waking up on her own for school, which has been difficult for most of her life

My son, who is on the autism spectrum (seems to be allowing himself to emotionally process his brothers death) meaning he has felt safe enough to express anger for the 1st time. His grades have improved tremendously as well.

My oldest daughter (who lives with us and has been in recovery, in addition to processing her brothers death) started doing many things around the house she doesn’t normally do; dishes organizing the home, cooking, baking etc. She also shared her dreams are more vivid.

My daughter’s boyfriend who lives with us as well has diabetes and was eating lots of sugar as it was his birthday week. And when he checked his blood sugar, it was normal! Which he said has never happened before. He also shared he felt a new ability to have deeper clarity of thought.

The interesting part about these facts is that I did not share with any of the family about the presence of the tower until after they shared or I observed these events. I still haven’t spoken with the younger children.

Thank you for this! We are living in such a harmonious way that I have only dared to dream of and now it is happening with the support of our “magic” tower (as my son named it)!

Marla K

Cosmic Tower is my Home Sanctuary Provider!

I am beyond thrilled with my Cosmic Tower as I am very extremely affected by emfs etc and it is very difficult to be on the computer .In 2017, I became extremely ill. Long story short we ( several. Dr.s and I) found it to be from the many towers in town (we are a “designated smart city”) The Cosmic Tower, although, I was quite skeptical, has become my friend and home sanctuary provider!!!! ALL my symptoms are almost gone when I am in my house. Now…they return when I get 500 yards away from my home but I know I can come home to health and well being now Thank you so much!!!!!!!


Evie Sawaquat


My body is healing from a lengthy illness, so having a healthy environment is the most important thing to
me. I can’t control the energy around me, but I can surround myself with things that neutralize or
harmonize the harmful energies.
I am very sensitive to energy, so I immediately felt relief when I put the tower up. Also, my water feels
and tastes better and I have been using a structuring device for a decade.
I do energy healing work on myself and others, I have noticed faster and deeper clearing. I am also
sending energy from the tower before the session.
I have more energy than I have had in many years. I can now do energy scans or healing, broadcast
frequencies and exercise without feeling wiped out.
The towers are expensive, but having a lifetime of healing energy is worth the investment. In fact, I am
going to get a CT75, the larger model because it’s 6 times as powerful. Obviously, I am a big believer
that they are amazing. Dawn

Dawn McCrea

Best Negative Entity Protection Device

The Cosmic Tower has been the strongest protection against negative entity (neg) attacks of the four devices that I brought into my life. Neg hunters use the Home Shield in their professional work on disincarnate entities, but I found that it does not work fully on human-on-human psychic attacks. The Home Shield reduces the strength of the attack to enable the target I fight back without fear, even while deep in the dream state. The Cosmic Tower either works with the Home Shield or works on its own to put up a final protective field to lock them out. My friend has a Qi Shield and her relative noticed right away when the Cosmic Tower 35 arrived.


The Cosmic Tower 75 works on environmental allergies, including those that animals are experiencing. I performed the Cosmic Tower connection meditation and returned home the next day to find the housecat breathing more easily and sleeping with her mouth closed. My CT75 arrived a week later. The housecat appeared on the property in Fall 2021 after I brought in the Qi Home (now discontinued) the previous August. I used to know she was coming when I heard gurgling. She still needs allergy medication with her food. She never tried marking my CT75 by rubbing her head or cheek against it like she does with everything new that comes into the house.
The BioGeometry Home Cube also had a calming effect and it allowed me to start a pre-litigation process in a rational state. The Cosmic Tower creates a calming effect so that I can’t gain momentum to launch the lawsuit that I planned. It’s the wrong state to start a legal war. It’s also difficult to become frightened over possibilities, like armed gunmen apprehended a few miles away from my home while I’m teleworking. I recovered my calm in a few minutes when the car immediately behind me crashed into the median of the entrance ramp, had enough reflexes to avoid its road debris and still retained enough of a sense of urgency to call the police to report it.


After visiting the EESystem over three weekends (before I bought the CT75), my immune system launched a response in my eye. The EESystem reduced physical stress levels and enabled very robust hormone production. I have had that eye issue since childhood and it made my eye increasingly itchy. I had to take ocular antibiotics for three days while the CT75 had not arrived yet. Once it arrived, the itchiness in my eye subsided a lot over the next few weeks. When I started thinking about purchasing the Cosmic Tower, I felt a sense that I could let go of the 20+ physician prescribed supplements that I started taking since 2018. I’m down to 6 supplements and plan to stop reordering 2 when they run out.

Zoe Bee

More Reviews and Testimonials From Cosmic Tower Owners

We continuously receive new amazing reviews and testimonials from Cosmic Tower Owners in the USA. You can read more testimonials and reviews here:

Testimonial Videos From Cosmic Tower Customers

EMF Sensitive, Dr. Anne Merkel, Overcomes 5G with Cosmic Tower

Driven by pain and sensitivity to the overwhelming pollution in our world Dr. Anne Merkel has been on a journey to reclaim her health for decades. She’s studied and earned credentials while doing everything she can to thrive.


She thought she had the EMF issue handled and then 5G rolled out and she started suffering all over again… until she found the Cosmic Towers. As the proud owner of 3 towers, Anne is now protecting the environment around her for 250 miles in every direction and traveling out of state by car for the first time in years.

Cosmic Tower Project in Holland Shares Experiences
Impact on 5G, People, Animals & Nature!

The video below is a powerful testimonial from Yvonne Ros who runs the Cosmic Tower project in Holland, about the benefits the Cosmic Tower has provided in her own life and the lives of countless others in The Netherlans.

As a sensitive who sees energy, communicates with nature and feels electromagnetic pollution, she provides us with valuable insights into the impact of the Cosmic Towers on life.

In this video are her observations about 5G and how creating a natural energy field in her home with Cosmic Towers has eliminated her experiences of 5G.

Effects of The Cosmic Tower on Tap Water

Research on the Effect of the Cosmic Tower on Tap Water in The Netherlands:

Den Haag Tap Water

Nijkerk Tap Water

Hodenpijl Tap Water


Bio-Well Energy Field Analysis
An Energetic Evaluation With The Cosmic Tower Mini

Below are the results of a small energetic evaluation (Stress-Scan) with the Bio-Well camera in response of carrying a COSMIC-Tower Mini.


By means of the easy to perform stress scan, one can see that by holding the CT Mini to the thymus gland:

  •  the client’s stress level decreased significantly (from 4.10 down to 3.51)
  •  the client’s energy level increased significantly (from 50.95 to 52.95)
The report can be downloaded here in German here and the English Translation here.
Bio Well Measurement Cosmic Tower Mini