um yeah I think very fundamental is the basic understanding of the cosmic Tower what it is really doing, what it is, what can we expect, how it’s functioning, and so on these are the fundamental questions we made some flyers for this, some press reports, and so on and a lot of information is already in there but for certain most fundamental questions we didn’t put in the flyers I think we have to explain it a little bit more and more deeper but maybe let’s start first with a technical background of the cosmic Tower how is it functioning and and what is inside people are asking what is inside yeah but what is inside is actually not so very important because also certain people ask for the value and so on the prices and so on um the physical part makes up maybe five or ten percent of the value of the Cosmic Tower people have to understand this one that even some people would copy it one to one or cut it apart and copy everything it would never work because the main part of the functioning of the Cosmic Tower is a non-physical part and this is important and there’s also the huge value because we will make sure that our Cosmic Tower will work not only for one year or two years, actually the idea is to let them work for 100 years or 200 years or whatever we have the possibility to maintain the energy field but this is also sometimes not so easy in

nowadays time, because other groups of people try to interfere or try to hinder or try to prevent the positive healthy energy field to keep better the people not so healthy and so on, and therefore sometimes a lot of work also for us yeah but we have our aim is actually to build up a worldwide energy field with many many Cosmic Towers in all countries on all continents and in Europe we started with a very strong energy field we put up maybe 900 big Cosmic Towers 220 and 250. and therefore we have a very positive energy field and people are not so much suffering from 5G and so on and how do we produce them Cosmic tower has two vessels of water inside like our human body consists of water because with water we can build up a chakra, a torroidal field, we are doing this one, this toroidal field is the key that is the source of the energy for the Cosmic Tower and we have also crystals inside so crystals are there in order to give a connection possibility, a connection for the beings in the higher dimension to work directly with the cosmic tower now that is the second part and the water that we are using has a complete spectrum of light and therefore with the energy field of the toroidal field we can radiate the complete spectrum of light and this spectrum of light is not only the physical spectrum, or not the physical spectrum but all the invisible frequencies with the higher octaves and it goes up to the overtone octaves into the highest dimension with the big towers we can reach the 11th dimension and therefore this is important for people who have blockages in their body like myself I had 25 years ago I had 112 blockages in my body and in all of my energy fields yeah but when you have a blockage in the physical body you need a different frequency like for the same blockage in the first astral body or causal or mental body in the next aura layers so it means you need the overtone octaves for the same frequency in order to get rid of those blockages  the Cosmic Tower is delivering this complete spectrum of light with also overtone octaves


and therefore we have this very helpful effect for supporting of our health so and in the end the Cosmic Tower when you try to describe the Cosmic Tower in one sentence we have to maybe refer to a church when they

built the churches all over the world they were always looking for good positive energy places and when they found such an energy place, on such places they built up the churches, you couldn’t build up a church wherever you wanted and dig a hole and put in a power place into the church afterwards, to dig it out somewhere and transport it and put it in was not possible, that means the location of the churches was depending on the power places of the nature and what we are doing is just the opposite, we create with the Cosmic Tower, transportable energy fields, we have it in our body, our chakras are also transportable energy fields but they are limited with the size, maybe we have an aura of two meters, or five meters, or a healer maybe of 50 meters but with the Cosmic Towers we can build up energy fields maybe a thousand kilometers, that’s a huge difference and this very powerful energy field can help the whole nature to get healed, to detoxify the water in the rivers, in the lakes, from agricultural areas, we can delete harmful particles from chemtrails and this kind of thing, we can improve the quality of the air remove whatever dust is there or create a high amount of electrons in the air, negatively charged ions and these electrons when we breathe them we get pure life energy and  the Cosmic Tower is producing a Pure Life Energy Field like living nature, we produce the same energy like living nature, problem is only on Earth our nature is working from the third to the fourth dimension but not to the tenth or eleventh dimension these higher frequencies are not so much available on Earth due to the manipulation of the energy field of the Earth since many thousand years mankind was conquered or defeated by extraterrestrial beings, by non-human civilizations and they destroyed the very positive amazing powerful and healthy energy field of the earth, they build up thousands of pyramids and whatever, other energy changing energy fields in places, they closed chakras of the earth, they created blockages on the ley lines and so on, there was a lot of damage and therefore the vibration of the earth’s energy field is quite low, therefore we dropped down from The Fifth Dimension, down to the third dimension where we are living now

the Cosmic Towers have the possibility due to the perfect harmony of light frequencies to reach these higher dimensions that means with the Cosmic Tower we get an energy field that has a higher vibration than the energy field of the Earth yeah and therefore due to this high vibration it can get interconnected to the toroidal field of the solar system and even to the toroidal field of the Galaxy and even when the Earth wouldn’t have a toroidal field anymore  when the earth wouldn’t spin around anymore then the Cosmic Tower could bring this positive energy field still to earth because the energy supply would be the solar system or the Galaxy now that’s a very interesting thing and therefore due to this higher

vibration people using the Cosmic Tower energy field have the access to higher dimensions 

to have this perfect energy field that we don’t have on the places here on Earth with the full spectrum of light and with the overtone octaves and supporting the energy field in all of our aura layers and supporting of course also the physical body that means with one sentence Cosmic Towers are just transportable energy places and what the churches couldn’t do


we are able to do so and therefore they produce a very healthy energy field and this healthy energy field is very powerful and therefore we are also able not only to change harmful energy fields into positive energies but also the same applies to physical matter, physical matter is just a form of energy

physical matter is energy we should understand this one and when physical matter is harmful to the body because the harmfulness comes from the toroidal field that is moving counterclockwise the electron spin is counterclockwise and the toroidal field is able to switch it around into clockwise and this is actually being done by the Cosmic Tower and therefore we can also delete the harmful effect of physical matter that means physical matter when you delete the harmful effect, it’s still there in biochemistry, we can measure it, we can prove it that its there,

it’s still there but when it gets into the body the body will see okay it’s not any more harmful I don’t need to detoxify it and therefore I don’t need it, the body is saying and therefore it can go upstairs in and downstairs out, the body has not to detoxify it, has not to use its immune system, has not to buffer it somewhere for later times when the detoxification capability is higher and so on, it’s just going through and that is the key and therefore when we use the Cosmic Tower for our water for instance we don’t need to filter the water when the harmful particles can be neutralized sometimes the filter for water makes sense especially when they put a lot of chemistry into the water, that the water from our tap water gets, becomes a saturated solution, that means like a tea or coffee, you cannot make out of tea or coffee a healing well water because all the water molecules are bound to the molecules of the tea of the herbs or of the coffee therefore it’s not any more water it’s a saturated solution therefore you can’t use tea or coffee to clean your clothes in a washing machine you need pure water it’s the same as with our tap water then our tap water is a saturated solution you cannot really restructure it in a perfect way

because you have not enough free water molecules therefore it makes sometimes sense to filter the water to get rid of physically matter out of it that we have more free water molecules and can program the structure into a new perfect form and so on but this one can be tested kinesiologically for instance, that would make sense but normally we don’t need actually a filter or other tools but sometimes different systems might be helpful


but the kinesiological test would show this one what can we expect from the Cosmic Tower actually an effect like a living nature is supplying when people, many people are older and older and have more and more and more diseases, the diseases are growing as older we are, because our body gets more and more polluted with harmful toxic particles, the immune system is not able to handle everything therefore the body stores  


more and more and more of those toxic products in its body and when it’s too much and the detoxification capacity is exhausted since the body uses its same safety technique, collecting all harmful particles at a special, specific place, maybe where the energy is low or where there is not a life-saving organ in the body it brings all the toxic particles there makes a housing around of it and ready is a tumor, cancer that’s it, cancer is actually a location where our body stores any toxic particles so that it doesn’t do a lot of harm inside the body anywhere else but we get rid of the toxic particles by raising up our immune system like a protein, like glutathione, detoxifying all the harmful particles but the Cosmic Tower can help to neutralize the free radicals

because any toxic fabrics that we get in our body from food, or from water, or from the nature, from the chemtrails or whatever, it produces a lot of free radicals, the free radicals need to be neutralized using electrons and our Cosmic Tower produces electrons actually using water that means with our Cosmic Tower we produce an energy field that is exactly the same like our chakras in the body, like the toroidal field of the earth, like the toroidal field of the solar system and Galaxy and therefore they are all interconnected and human beings get the life energy due to resonance between their chakras and the toroidal field of the Earth but when the toroidal field of the Earth is manipulated and damaged you can use the toroidal field of the Cosmic Tower, it delivers a higher frequency and we get more live energy and also all toroidal fields are on the same hand, these are also portals and the portal is able to materialize, to create physical matter, it’s sucking in energy and this energy will be condensed in the middle of the toroidal field and upstairs out of this middle point is over a Vortex from the toroidal field will bring out a different kind of energy like physical matter and this way any chakra is able to produce physical matter but the easiest way for producing is hydrogen, that is in the periodic system of elements, Mendeleev system, on the very very top one of the lightest elements at all and hydrogen will unite with oxygen and we produce water and therefore our body can produce more and more water and the Cosmic Tower helps the body by strengthening our chakras delivering our chakras more energy and this water will be hexagonal structured and delivers electrons and electrons is Pure Life Energy because human beings live from electricity, when someone is dying, one second before death and one second afterwards, the only difference is just the electricity is gone, when the electricity is gone the person is dead, that means electricity is just electrons, we are depending on electrons and hexagonal water structure delivers electrons you find the answer by professor Pollack’s book “The fourth phase of water” Professor Gerald Pollack he describes this, he shows it in the book the graphics aare very interesting and there we get our live energy and therefore all living beings they have an aura radiating electrons  biophoton energy and all living beings like plants animals and human beings therefore consist of water, only water creates electricity that is a key point and the Cosmic Tower helps our body to get more energy, producing more electricity


and therefore the Cosmic Tower is working also like nature also when we go to nature we have there more electrons in the air, the Cosmic Tower does the same thing, the Nature has trees, they are trees produce toroidal fields, like our chakras, when we hug a tree we can get live energy so and when people have diseases when they are older we get more and more chronic diseases and all those diseases build up in many many decades of our life due to the more toxic particles in the body and deteriorating our quality of the water in the body due to this fact our life energy goes down down down down when people are living three weeks in the nature how can they get rid of their whatever heart problem or their pain in the knee and what built up, and maybe took a time of 20 years, that means the nature cannot heal this in three weeks and the same thing is with the Cosmic Tower, also the Cosmic Tower has not the possibility to get rid of a harmful disease in three weeks awsy or pain in the knee or whatever but many people have just blockages in the body and these blockages in the body are harming or hindering the resonance of our chakras, of our energy field of the body with the energy field of the earth and therefore such people get lower and lower Life Energy and we know from The Chinese Medicine, the energy flow in the body is a key, Chinese Medicine is 5000 years old and Chinese people could become very very old, the oldest man in Wikipedia was a Chinese guy and he was 254 years old, 18 times married, very old and Chinese Medicine was always very very helpful for mankind because it regulates the energy flow in the body and when this energy flow is regulated, like with the Ley Lines of the Earth, then the chakras can work and the energy field of the Earth is perfect, and the same thing  


is with our human body body, we need actually the harmony of frequencies so and when the Cosmic Tower can deliver these frequencies of light we have the effect when we have this complete spectrum of light including the overtone octaves ,we have the effect with the Cosmic Tower like we took all (every) 10 seconds two handfuls of all homeopathic remedies, with all frequencies available, with all overtone octaves, that means with all potencies of all homeopathic remedies and we swallow  a huge quantity of them all (every)  five minutes or all (every)

few seconds, this situation we have when we are sitting in the field of the Cosmic Tower and therefore the Cosmic Tower works like an energetic healer, when you come into the energy field of the Cosmic Tower it’s like you are under the fingers of the healer that is treating your body a healer maybe he can see the blockages, he can see where’s the blockage of energy, where there is too much energy, where it’s too low, how it has to be compensated and then he can use his hands and balancing the energy or giving even more energy and so on, but how many people go to a healer and when they go maybe once a year or once in five years to get rid of maybe one, two, three, five blockages, I had 112. so and when you try to get rid of 112 blockages, normally when you do it with Homeopathy or Kinesiology you have to test where is the biggest blockage, you have to find this one out, then you have to check in what aura layer is it sitting, then you have to find out what is the right homeopathic remedy for exactly this biggest blockage hindering all the the energy flow in the body, then you have to test in what potency you need it, the next test is how many globules a day do you need and the next test question is for how many weeks or months do you have to swallow it and after three months maybe you have 

got rid of this first blockage, then comes blockage number 111, you have to have again a kinesiological test expert, there is another 100 tests maybe necessary in order to find out all these answers and when there is the smallest mistake it won’t work so that means people need sometimes 20 years to get rid of 100 blockages but within 20 years you have maybe 50, 60


or 80 new blockages that means many people are running around in circles and never get rid of all their blockages in the body, of the perfect energy flow in the body, of the highest amount of life energy and therefore our life expectancy is quite limited, when you read the Bible the oldest people that were mentioned there was 900 years of age then we had the people from Marshall Islands and Marshall Island people could become could get 200 years old before America did their tests there with atomic weapons and nowadays the life expectancy drop down to 40 to 50 years just due to radioactivity, radiation radiation is a killer and radioactivity a special killer because the toroidal field of the electrons is counterclockwise, destroying all of our life energy and how can you delete radioactivity, normally it was not possible until now, because we didn’t have toroidal Fields with a positive, a clockwise rotation available only nature head this available but the nature was also too weak to delete radioactivity

that actually actually a problem but the Cosmic Tower has enough energy, therefore we can twist around the a toroidal field of radioactivity


radioactivity, radioactive material, delete

this and make a positive energy field out of it and that is actually the key, that means the Cosmic Tower works first as a Healer, like a Healer so that you are having always when you come into the energy field you have a session like you’re visiting A Healer and he is treating you half an hour, two hours, how long whatever time you’re sitting in the energy field that is one thing and the energy field of the Cosmic Tower is also very powerful, this is positive energy field, with the clockwise toroidal field and therefore it can protect us from any harmful negative energy, we can twist around any harmful negative energy that applies to whatever radiation, to 5G, to all the electrosmog, to WLAN, Bluetooth, whatever to a smart meter, also they have a haarp antenna inside and a harmful deadly energy field, we can protect people from harmful scalar waves, that means such as like radioactivity, we can twist this around and also from any geopathic radiation areas from the underground water lines or energy grids that are harmful, some hundred years ago people got cancer when they were sleeping on a water leyline energy field or something like this, we can prevent this damages to the body and also from Black Magic we deliver also protection because black magic or curses or something like this, these are just scalar waves and they are implanted even into the soul, when you’re reborn you have still the same trouble that you’ve got maybe a curse a hundred years ago in a different Incarnation on Earth,for this kind of things it’s also very protective energy field and also when people have microchips in the body, whatever, people are vaccinated or when we have in the chemtrails the microchips they are in the body, we breathe them into our body, the Cosmic Tower can provide the protection energy field that such microchips in the body cannot be accessed from outside the body, that the people cannot be taken over as an electronic robot being, like a marionette by an artificial intelligence system, that’s also very important and also mind control, this kind of thing, is the same thing it means the Cosmic Tower delivers an amazing protection energy field and when we know that microwaves with its high frequency is able to destroy hexagonal water structures because water molecules are dipoles, dipoles they are switching back and forth when you put them into an energy field where the polarity is switching back and forth, they are also jumping back and forth and that kills all hexagonal water structures and therefore microwave is a killer for all the hexagonal water structures that are producing or delivering the electrons, our life energy and therefore the military is producing military energy weapons using microwave to kill people without a physical projectile, just the energy beam comes out and the people will drop down dead, just with a microwave energy beam so and any mobile phone tower is a microwave weapon we shouldn’t forget this, there are a lot of videos available on the internet that, “stop the crime” for instance or whatever other channels “stop your control” or and so on they explain what is really going on with all the mobile phone towers and the Cosmic Tower can deliver protection for such harmful deadly energy fields with a small Cosmic Tower of course not a very strong protection, but at least there’s a certain protection there and as bigger and bigger and bigger (the tower) as more and more energy is there, the more complete is the protecting field for whatever harmful deadly negative “making us ill” energies that is a major function of the Cosmic Tower because many people trying to preserve their health and the health they try to build up their health with meditation or with good food, or with raw food, always detoxifying the body or drinking good water from a healing well or doing whatever sport activities or taking food supplements like vitamins, minerals, good proteins and so on, many people have a hundred thousand good ideas and do a lot of things but these are always very very small steps compared to the overwhelming killing energy of radiation from the microwaves, or smart meter, or from scalar waves, harmful scalar waves, like comes from haarp antenna or whatever system, smart meters and so on the Cosmic Tower is able to protect us from this, because this harmful energy field when they are more deadly than whatever positive small things we can do, we have no chance, that means the protection from radiation is nowadays always key, number one when we don’t have everything in mind that has to be done for our health, when there is a big gap for protection from radiation people will never live for 150 or 200 years or so, radiation is very very important and this is from the cosmic Tower very good protection, like the healing effect and also the Cosmic Tower delivers the frequencies of light and they are helpful because a light frequency in our body we get normally from the minerals, each mineral, each crystal represents a special frequency of light but as older we are the more we deplete in minerals, when we are born 30 percent of our body are minerals and when we are close to dying like 60 or 70 years we have just six percent of minerals left  and when the minerals are left then there’s a lot of light frequencies missing and in order to build up a chakra, a toroidal field, you need the harmony of seven rainbow colors but you need many many minerals to create this perfect harmony because we need the light frequency for all of our organs in our bodies that means many scalar waves many many minerals and each rainbow color consists of

maybe hundreds of intermediate rainbow colors the color violet you can distinguish in dark dark violet, a middle Dark Violet and the middle Violet and a slightly bright violet and a very shiny brightest Violet and so on that means each rainbow color you can cut down in thousands of

different frequencies, just covering Violet


that means we need many many frequencies and when the minerals are missing that means chakras are not working properly, the levitation doesn’t work properly, we produce less water, we get dehydrated as older we are, then we forget some words, we don’t remember our relatives or whatever or our appointments and so on, the whole functionings in the body are going down the Life Energy goes down and so on and the Cosmic Tower delivers these frequencies of light that means even when we are missing a lot of minerals there can be a certain compensation, of light frequencies,  just from the Cosmic Tower, actually the cosmic Tower works like a small Invisible Sun because we need, we are light beings, we depend on sunlight so and when we don’t get enough sunlight when even the sunlight is manipulated and we have chemtrails, we have not the clear sky and so on there’s a lot of weather manipulation and so on, then we don’t get a lot of frequencies but when we put the sun actually like the Cosmic Tower into our flat


we have the sunlight in our houses in our homes therefore we can get more more Life Energy just from the Cosmic Tower, due to the right frequencies, also our chakras can come more into the middle that is due to the energy field and the same energy field will also help our water in the body to restructure the water but outside the cells, this extracellular matrix, that is the most toxic water with the harmful structure, there’s a lot of bad cluster structures, it will be broken down, bad cluster structures can be deleted and it can be put into a hexagonal structure and get also more and more frequencies of light and therefore the whole body produces more life energy by itself, it gets more life life energy from outside,

due to the change of the water structure from the tap water, because even the tap water, we can delete harmful information, harmful cluster structure and we break it down then we have much much much much more single water molecules, therefore [Music]


oops um that means um when


again my son is calling

now okay the bad cluster structure can be deleted and we can bring the water into a new structure, even in the body and therefore more Life Energy, but the same thing can be done with the tap water, as soon as we open the tap water valve, water comes out into the energy field of the Cosmic Tower, harmful cluster structure can be deleted and the tap water becomes a very soft structure it’s very soft when you drink it, it tastes very soft, it tastes very liquid, therefore it has a higher purification effect because when the water is much more liquid it gets into the smallest areas in the body, into the smallest capilaries, where it couldn’t go in before when it was not so liquid and then it can go into the smallest capilaries, it can flush out there much much poisonous particles and do it and whatever, cleaning the smallest capilaries


so this is a detoxification effect and this water delivers also more electrons, hexagonal structure, and more frequencies of light, that means we have a very healthy water at home, then the same thing happens to our food when we buy whatever vegetable foods or vegetables from the supermarket, there’s a lot of toxic particles from petsicides, herbicides, fungicides or whatever  ,


chemistry inside and not a lot of frequencies of light because the ground, the soil is depleted from minerals, due to the use of chemicals, any chemical in the ground will bind, chemically bind, all the trace minerals and important minerals in the ground and when these things are bound now they are used they cannot be made anymore available to the plants and therefore all the plants are nowadays depleted, tremendously depleted, from minerals and the Cosmic Tower can help actually to deliver to such food again this complete spectrum of light, like a replacement of minerals and it can also delete the harmful cluster structure and it will reproduce a structure with the frequencies of light with a hexagonal structure and any physical toxic particles like pesticides, or herbicides or other chemistry the harmful effect can be deleted that means the food becomes healthy, is more energized so and when people eat food with low quantities of water and a lot of toxic particles then there is almost no Life Energy in it many people nowadays they eat bread or pizza or whatever how much water do we have in bread or pizza I think nothing so and when there’s no water inside how can we get a hexagonal water structure there, how can we can get any electrons out of such food that means when we eat bread and pizza and we are getting no single electrons out of this what does it mean then after a meal one or two hours later the body says I’m hungry again I’m missing again energy energy give me some more electrons and people are eating eating eating and when they continue to eat all the time food with low amounts of electrons, low life energy or no water in it with hexagonal structures then the people get overweight and more and more diseases, because they take more and more toxic particles in the body so and when we have the Cosmic Toweer in our flat, then the foods that we are buying and bringing from the supermarket into the energy field, the harmful toxic particles’ effect, the  harmful energy will be deleted, the structure of the water will be re-energized, as the water gets a higher amount of Life Energy, more electrons, more frequencies of light, the body is happy and gets more life energy from the food and when we have more live energy inside the food our body is more happy and we are not so hungry anymore, that means when you have good food with high energy maybe you eat a little bit in the morning and then in the evening eight o’clock you remember oh I didn’t eat the whole day anything and and maybe a glass of water will be sufficient to deliver you enough energy for the remaining part of the evening I realized it was my own food behaviors, my habits, because 20 years ago I ate maybe three times or four times a day huge amounts of food, breakfast and second breakfast and noon time and dessert afternoon and in the afternoon and in the evening at home eating, eating, eating, eating I had 20 kilograms more overweight than now so but when you have a good food and you are always in the energy field that delivers you just when you’re sitting in the energy field a lot of energy then you’re not so hungry anymore, you will save a lot of money just for the food you don’t need to buy a lot of food and even when you have a carrot freshly harvested it and with a high amount of energy, detoxified by The Cosmic tower you can eat maybe one or two carrots in the morning and then in the evening you will eat a little bit some cashew nuts or whatever, some some seeds from some plants from whatever things or a cucumber or whatever thing containing water you’re not any more hungry, you have no problem with

overweight and this kind of thing and you are less less increasing the amount of toxic particles in the body that means your health can improve more and more and more, people can look younger the chakras work better, then we are not anymore so much in deficiency with in respect of the water and then we have more water in the body we have less and less wrinkles, wrinkles are just a sign of water deficiency and this kind of people look younger, more energy and so on you see, also when you have more energy and just by sitting into inside the energy field of the Cosmic Tower, we get a lot of energy so that means we don’t need a lot of energy from sleeping what is sleeping, sleeping is just melatonin production, melatonin is a protein or hormone so and it’s combining with vitamin B6 and this combination delivers glutathione, glutathione   is doing the detoxification and has a lot of electrons, the electron potential of glutathione is minus 230 millivolt and in order to have

a healthy cell, the cell membrane voltage should be at least minus 70 millivolt and glutathione has at least three times more electrons than just the cell membrane voltage that’s there and when we keep the cell membrane voltage very high, we can save our glutathione and the glutathione can detoxify the body and we’ll never get cancer that means sleeping is just to produce electrons with the way through glutathione and detoxifying the body, such that toxic particles go out and we have in the morning more Life Energy but when the same thing can be done with the Cosmic Tower delivering us more electrons due to hexagonal structured water, due to improving of our water production in the body, due to support for our chakras and so on and also the food and the tap water will be energized and and will have much more Life Energy and we are sitting in an energy field like a permanent healer running around our body 24 hours, year after year, decade after year decade, we have just we have more energy and that is the key and we can support our life energy, our life can improve and whatever diseases can step by step by step disappear

but many people are asking okay how long does it take or can I heal this specific disease and I say no you shouldn’t expect a specific disease because when the body gets more Life Energy then the body is very happy to have more life energy available but then our body decides where is the highest priority, is it the pain in the knee or is it maybe the quality of the blood cells, of the cell membrane voltage, that the blood cells are always staying single due to high cell membrane voltage when it’s going down they are gluing like glue

together and then they can’t go through the smallest capilaries anymore and then some cells will die because they don’t get enough Life Energy, the body has its priority list, maybe first the blood system, then the nerve system, then the cell membrane voltage and the detoxification and so on, so that the overall body gets more healed step by step by step and maybe  the pain in the knee or any specific disease will be the last point that will be removed but normally when you  try to heal a separate problem in the body people try whatever methods but this problem will come back when the whole foundation of the diseases will not be removed as it will not be healed and so on, the foundation is the amount of electrons, the amount of vitamins, the amount of minerals and the amount of proteins, fatty acids, this foundation, the hormone status and all these kinds of things the situation of the digestion tract, that means we have to see the human big body as a complete  set of functions that have to be supported we cannot concentrate just on one thing


and as more we remove the harmful things around us bad food, food with low water quantity, food with whatever toxic particles and so on, our stress is also taking a lot of our life energy away and so on and the more we remove radiation and so on and the more we do positive things

like good food, raw food, drinking more water, good water quality and so on, protection against radiation and so on, meditation, whatever, doing sport and using the Cosmic Tower, then we can reach in short time a very good progress, when diseases take sometimes 60 years to develop cancer or stroke or heart attacks, we should keep in mind it takes at least six years to get out of this dangerous area of cancer or stroke or heart attack but within six years we should prevent all harmful things that are cutting down our disease and do all positive things that the body would need, not only a single thing just Cosmic Tower would do everything, we shouldn’t expect, it delivers an energy field like the most perfect nature but even when we move from our place in the city, with a lot of radiation into nature, we can’t expect that all of our chronic diseases will be removed in one, two years or so or even in three weeks like some people expect it’s a tool that doesn’t prevent us or doesn’t deliver us unlimited lifespan, it doesn’t do it, but it may help to stay longer healthy and have more energy and have less chronic disease in younger years that might be the possibility and the more we deliver the body all the other ingredients that the body needs, the more quickly we can reach such results and the more complete we can repair the body, step by step, some people are never able to repair the body completely and also we should remember many things have to do with our genetics,  genetic structure and our genetics are very often destroyed or has a lot of damage and so on

and there was an experiment of the company Ciba Geigy and they took fish eggs and put this in water and exposed the fish eggs to a high voltage energy field, but not with alternating currency (AC) but with high voltage you have this plus and minus steady  (DC)


and with this situation they kept the fish eggs for one week, I think six thousand volts or even higher so and afterwards they put these eggs into a breeding water where they could grow and fishes came out of the eggs and it was to the surprise of everybody, those fishes didn’t look anymore like their parents, why? because this high voltage created a lot, amazing amounts of electrons in the air creating therefore amazing amounts of hexagonal water structures and therefore a lot of electrons and this huge amount of electrons it was able to repair damaged DNA structures over many many decades or many generations, thousands of the generations of fishes were repaired so that those fishes were looking like the original, the most original status of fishes, like our creator created those fishes, that was amazing and when we have enough electrons available for us human beings could you imagine what happens when we suddenly get our creativity, our abilities, our condition in the body back to a situation, our DNA back to a situation like our creator created human beings, not with this reptile part that we have in our genetic structure


with the reptile brain or whatever when we could repair to the foundations of mankind back, that would be amazing and this way or therefore we see how important are the electrons the Cosmic Towers are delivering and they are protecting against the destruction of our electrons due to any harmful radiation energy fields, from technical radiation and whatever other radiation. yes that’s it