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Cosmic Tower Information  in English.

What Is The Cosmic Tower?

The Cosmic Tower was developed by Dipl.-Ing. Harald Thiers, the Managing Director of Chi-Balance GmbH in Bautzen.



The Cosmic Tower builds a clockwise (right-turning) torus field, which is connected not only to the torus field of the earth, but also to that of the solar system and that of the galaxy.

It is the torus fields that keep all the planets and suns of the universe moving.




Harald Thiers Cosmic Tower CT 35

Cosmic Towers contain fourth phase or plasma water, obtained from various healing springs, with the full range of light frequencies and including all overtone octaves. 

This special water is then activated and linked to higher dimensions, creating a torroidal energy field, that is connected to Earth, the Solar System, and even Our Galaxy. 

These towers act as portable power spots, emitting positive scalar waves that can neutralize negative energy. 

Being within the range of a cosmic tower can enhance the water in our bodies, regenerate our energy fields, improve air quality, structure tap water, detoxify food, and support spiritual development. 

These towers work tirelessly, offering healing benefits to individuals, communities and nature.

Energetically, it can not only help our physical bodies to dissolve blockages and become healthy, but also make the corresponding light energies available to all our subtle bodies.


In this way, the Cosmic Tower works like a homeopath who administers all homeopathic remedies, in all potencies, and in all required quantities, simultaneously, around the clock.


The energy field of the Cosmic Tower is capable of transforming all pathogenic radiation into healthy energy fields and, thus, fully protecting humans, animals, and the whole of nature from microwaves, electro-smog, WLAN, grid networks, smart meters, 5G radiation, negative scalar waves, radioactivity, earth radiation, water veins, mind control, or even black magic.


The Cosmic Tower not only protects us from the destruction of our life energy by radiation (destruction of hexagonal water cluster structures and, therefore robbing us of vital electrons!), but it also supplies extra life energy to every cell in our body via the healthy life energy field it builds. 


We humans, are “light-beings” and as such can live from light and it is exactly this kind of light (in the form of the purest life energy) that the Cosmic Tower provides us with. 

It works like a small sun, which we can bring directly into our homes.

"Cosmic Tower Short Introduction Part 1"

"Cosmic Tower Short Introduction Part 2"

Cosmic Tower Benefits

Besides the already mentioned protection against all kinds of radiation, that can cause illnesses and the provision of energy for all our body cells, other benefits are:

Cosmic Tower Models

The Cosmic Towers are currently available in 9 different sizes, starting with the CT mini and all the way up to the CT 250 (250 cm high with an energy field of over 600 miles).


Small Cosmic Towers CT Mini CT 15

Small Cosmic Towers

CT Mini & CT 15

Medium Size Cosmic Towers

CT 25, CT 35 & CT 75

Large Cosmic Towers

CT 120, CT 180, CT 220 & CT 250

Cosmic Tower Model Specifications

Below you find the Specifications of the Various Cosmic Tower Models as per the brochure. 

You can download the Brochure here.

Please Note that the Range in the table below depends on the number and intensity of Interference Sources within your Environment, e.g. 5G, WiFi, Smart Meters, Earth Radiation and the Level Of Support from Larger Towers in Your Area.

Cosmic Tower Models Range Dimensions Weight No Price

The energy field of a Cosmic Tower Mini will not adequately protect us from extreme radiation or even a deadly attack with a radiation weapon, nor will the CT 25 or CT 35, unless these devices have the energetic backing of the very large Cosmic Towers.


Protection for such a situation is provided by the largest Cosmic Towers, the CT 220 or CT 250. They are also the ones who weaken the sickening, deadly energy field of 5G and other radiation. In doing so they are enabling the smaller CTs in the area to cope and to provide an energy field that would normally overload them.

In this regard, the interaction of as many large CTs as possible with the smaller CTs is always the basis for success. If a large CT is located in a region, owners of smaller CTs all take advantage of it.


In the sound clip below you hear Harald Thiers himself explain the importance of having the support of big towers:

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The Importance Of Large Cosmic Towers

Harald Thiers Cosmic Tower Lectures

Learn more about about health, structured water, radiation and much more Cosmic Tower realated information, by attending one of Harald Thiers’ Lectures. If you are able to attend Harald’s Cosmic Tower Lectures in person, I highly recommend it. 

You can find out if there are lectures in your country by joining the Telegram Groups for Your Country here: Cosmic Tower Telegram Channels

If you can not attend in person I hope the information below will give you a brief summary and more insight into the Cosmic Tower.

Installation Instructions and Operational Considerations

Installation instructions and Operational Considerations for your new Cosmic Tower.


Be careful and deliberate with your new companion. Always Remember your Cosmic Tower is a Conscious Being.

Imagine you have invited a guest or friend to your home and give the Tower a nice spot in your home. This spot may also change from time to time.

The Cosmic Tower is a companion on your life journey. You can imagine the Tower as a “piece of music” that makes you dance; but you must create the choreography yourself in order to grow.


  • Since there is water inside the Tower, do not expose it to excessive heat or cold, otherwise there is a risk of breaking the water cylinders inside.
  • Do not drop the Tower.
  • You can travel with your tower, but are not allowed to take it in your carry-on luggage because it contains water, so you’ll have to put it in your checked luggage. Ensure The Cosmic Tower is well packed, e.g. in bubble wrap, in your suitcase.


  • To ensure proper toroidal field development, place the Cosmic Tower upright at least 2 feet away loudspeakers, TV’s, refrigeratos, radio, smart meter, PC or any other source of distortion. The “Blue Glass Spheres” look out into the room.
  • Physical reactions, such as headaches or other initial clearing and detoxification symptoms, may occur during the first few days. Be gentle with yourself, so don’t put the Cosmic Tower in your bedroom right away.
  • The smaller Towers, CT Mini, 15, 25 , 35 & CT75 like to stand on a table, shelf or piece of furniture, at least 1 foot above the floor and preferably at heart height.
  • Do not put the Tower in a closet or under a flowerpot.
  • We have noticed that placing certain crystals around the Tower can enhance its range. Play with it!
cosmic tower crystals

Treat Your Cosmic Tower Kindly & Consciously

  • You can welcome the Tower at home by speaking a few kind words, or making contact with it during a meditation.
  • A name may come to mind, but it does not have to. The soul frequencies of the larger Towers do not need a name. However, it is sometimes easier for us to give a particular name to the Tower to interact and communicate with it.
  • Please give a kind assignment to the Tower by which it can positively assist you, e.g., for good water and food in the home, great health, a loving partnership,… Always with the addition of “For the highest good of all”
    E.g. “Dear Tower, please optimize all energetic devices in this house for the highest good and well-being of all”

Tower Reset

  • If you have received your Tower second-hand, it is possible to reset the Tower, meaning that the connection with the previous owner is completely released and a different soul frequency can anchor itself in the Tower.

  • This is possible, but not absolutely necessary, as the same frequency often reappears.

  • Feel the connection and decide for yourself.

  • If a reset is desired, send a picture of the Tower to with a request for reset.


    Enjoy your new life companion and we’re looking forward to all the great experiences you will have.

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More Cosmic Tower Information

You can find more information, videos and other materials on the Cosmic Tower here: