Cosmic Tower Lecture
By The Inventor Harald Thiers

On this page you will find a Brief summary of what Cosmic Tower Inventor Harald Thiers shares in his lectures.

If you are able to attend Harald’s Cosmic Tower Lectures in person, I highly recommend it. You can find out if there are lectures in your country by joining the Telegram Groups for Your Country here: Cosmic Tower Telegram Channels


If you can not attend in person I hope the information below will give your more insight into the Cosmic Tower.

Structured Water

Water Is Essential For Life

Without water there is no life.

o Water has 4 phases: liquid, frozen, vapor and plasma.
o Water plasma has a hexagonal structure.
o Hexagonal water has a structure like a beehive. At each corner there is a water molecule (H2O). Negatively charged electrons are generated in those hexagons.
o This is the principle of Free Energy.

Structured Hexagonal Water Molecules


Cosmic Tower Negative Ions Harald Thiers Lecture Air Quality


o Electricity is energy produced by moving free electrons (not belonging to an atom) e.g., through a copper wire or in water (blood).
o Free electrons can bind to atoms and form negative ions.
o In a room there are about 100 negative ions per cm3, in the forest: 900, on the beach: 3000, at a waterfall: 10,000 and at the Bosnian pyramids: up to 120,000 per cm3.

Hexagonal Structured Water In Blood

Our Heart Is Not A Pump

o Hexagonal water in our blood delivers free electrons for the energy in our body.
o Our heart takes these electrons from our blood and converts them into energy. This energy is then distributed throughout our body.
o Our heart is not a pump that pumps blood through 60,000 miles of veins in our body.
o Blood circulates by way of levitation.


You can read more about this in this blog Dr. Thomas Cowan on the Importance of Structured Water

Torus Field Blood Hexagonal Structured Water Levitation

Hexagonally Structured Water

Frequencies Of Light

• Water in healing springs rises from the earth through levitation, as does the water in every plant and tree.
• Water can only levitate if it contains 7 (rainbow) colors, or frequencies of light. Spring water gets its minerals (light frequencies) from the earth.
• In addition to water and energy, we need the light frequencies of the sun and minerals to live.

  • The water in our body can be structured by e.g., walking barefoot in the grass, walking in the woods, fresh/healthy food, beneficial water, honey, sunlight, rest, enjoyment, connection with Source, gemstones, essential oils, meeting like-minded people, art, music, creativity, smiling, conscious breathing, unconditional love, gratitude, helpfulness, …
  • Learn more about Masuru Emoto’s work, the scientific evidence of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.


Water Dipole Radiation Breaks Water Structure Cosmic Tower

Water Is A Dipole

o The water in our body deteriorates greatly due to RADIATION (80%)
o Radiation makes the water molecules (dipoles) dance back and forth in a rhythm depending on the frequency of the radiation.
o The result of this is a disruption of the vital cluster structures in the water.

  • This also negatively impacts all the water cluster structures in the products we eat/drink, and is further amplified through stress, pesticides, GMO products, chemtrails, addictions, medication, vaccinations, harmful additives in products (detergents, makeup, toothpaste, deodorant), electric cars, etc…

What protection or technology can help against this?

Cosmic Towers

  • A cosmic tower contains water from multiple healing springs with the full spectrum of light frequencies and overtone octaves that are made available to humans, animals, and plants, and it contains crystals.
  • All of this is being activated from the higher dimensions.

Torus Fields

  • Everything (atoms, humans all the way to planets) is made up of one or more torus fields. 
  • The torus field of the cosmic tower is incredibly strong ranging from several meters (CT Mini) to several hundred kilometers (CT 220) and is connected to the torus field of the earth, solar system and even our galaxy.
Cosmic Tower Torus Field

Portable Power Spot

  • A cosmic tower generates a power spot, just as there are many power spots on Earth. Therefore, it is like a “portable power spot”.
  • The torus field (with vortex energy) of the cosmic tower emits positive scalar waves that can penetrate all matter.
  • These right-turning scalar waves can neutralize or even convert the negative, pathogenic, left-turning scalar waves (e.g., from radiation – 5G) into healthy energy fields. This requires many towers.
  • If a human, animal or plant is near a cosmic tower, the water in its system will acquire more hexagonal structures and thus produce more electrons, more energy.
  • The lifeforce energy field (torus field) of the cosmic tower can regenerate our body’s energy field (aura) and remove blockages.
  • In addition, the cosmic tower can improve the air quality in your home, structure the water in every water tap in your home in a healthy way, detoxify foods (by turning the left-hand frequencies to the right) and support our spiritual development, according to Harald Thiers, who developed the towers.
  • Many people experience a soul connection with their cosmic tower(s).
Cosmic Tower Great Pyramid
  • The cosmic tower works day and night, year after year as a “healer” for our well-being.
  • There are large towers (2.5 meters) that can support an entire city and smaller towers for the home (which are supported by the large towers) and even smaller ones for support while traveling.

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